Learning to create your own luxurious, customized skincare is a skill you can use and  carry with you always. Sustainable, powerful, plant based beauty. Your skin and our planet will thank you.

Online courses

Learn to make your own beautiful, natural skincare with my easy to follow courses. PDF documents, how to videos, amazing formulas, & more!!

Live Workshops in the lab

Group workshops , in my lab in South Gironde. I offer 2 types of workshops, in groups ( private or public) or in personal one on one coaching classes.

Individual Online Coaching /Consultations

Private courses and coaching by video conference call.  Zoom sessions where you get my undivided attention and support. For individuals or for Indie brand owners who need help formulating their products.

Our Mission

La Formulatrice has chosen and created these sprecially designed products just for you. These were a labour of love, each product has been tweaked to perfection after many months of experimenting. They are luxurious, high end products with beautiful botanical ingredients, and the formulas are easy to follow for students of all levels. I chose ingredients that would be easily to find, with supplier lists included. I am always in the lab, creating more innovative products and beautiful colorful skincare to add to those already available. So keep watching La Formulatrice, cause lots more unique beauty is on its’ way!!

What others say ...

Why Choose Courses With La Formulatrice ?

Because these are more then just skincare courses. What I am offering you here are my formulas that have been created with heart and soul. Each one was a true labour of love. I have tried and tested each product for months and have chosen only my favorite ones to add to my courses. These are high end, luxurious skincare that are the trendiest and most innovative on the market. I have carefully selected gorgeous ingredients that are effective and also easy for you to find. These formulas I am offering are each unique and not your ordinary type of product. Plant based, I use flowers, herbs, superfoods and incredible botanics to create lovely cosmetics you will highly appreciate. These formulas include detailed documentation and training so that you will be confident and knowledgeable enough to recreate your own customized blends with ease, wether for you or for your brand. 

Get In Touch

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like more information about my courses. For private video teaching sessions I would be happy to give you all the details. Any other formulating needs? La formulatrice has got your back.

+33 6 73 87 33 67

Office Hours: 9:00 – 19:00

Address Bordeaux, France

Email: info@formulatrice.com