Meet La Formulatrice

Hello!! I am Caroline, the founder of La Formulatrice, Botanical Skincare Institute. After studying natural skincare formulation science for the the past 4 years, I am now a certified cosmetic chemist specializing in natural skincare advanced formulation. And very proud of this !!!!

After spending much devoted time researching and developing all types of organic skincare products, I have decided to share some of my favorite formulas and how to make them with you. Developping these courses was a true labour of love. I carefully chose only products that would be highly effective, beautifully designed with the most lovely, high quality but also easily accessible ingredients.

Live group or private workshops in my lab are also available in the Sud Gironde region, in english or in french, in the professional style lab I have built.

I hope you will have a great learning experience with my courses as well as learn the basics of skincare formulation methods with professional guidance and support, so you can later safely develop your own skincare products with confidence and ease.

Caroline Engel