Specially designed for those brave founders of their very own natural skincare brands , La Formulatrice offers this uniquely designed service specifically for you.

Having a dream and taking action to build your own skincare business is a HUGE decision, and lots of persevernce is needed.

For those who are strong & determined business founders, nature lovers, there are a MILLION things to do in a day to get where you want to go.

La Formulatrice is here to help with all your formulation needs. Created especially for smaller sized brands just beggining on their journey, or on it for awhile now…but need help to create that PERFECT formula, that one of a kind product that will stand out and get attention.

I am 100% dedicated to each and every project, and will give every attention to do my absolute best to help you improve or create the product of your dreams.

We create a product according to your needs together, step by step. I can help with PET testing in an outsourced lab, and with all documentation required. Each extra step is only offered as you wish, I fully understand that some steps can be done on your own , you decide exactly which service is required.

I am really here to help smaller or medium sized brand owners who need a natural skincare formulation guide, as a certified chemist, to ease their load and help produce a beautiful , luxurious, unique product, together.

I am more then happy to discuss your needs .

Please contact me by email with a detailed description of your idea and how I can help, then we can have a phone consultation to see how we can move forward at your convienience.