Vegetables in skincare are nothing new….. but it is becoming a huge new trend!
Using superfoods in skincare have huge benefits, just as they do if you eat them!!

  • high sources of anti-oxidants
  • natural vitamin C
  • packed with minerals & fatty acids

All these will protect skin from free radicals & environnemental stressors that irritate and inflame skin, causing premature aging.


  • carrots for vitamin A, C and antioxidants that give glowing skin
  • Kale for dark circles and brightening skin with vitamin A, B, C & K
  • Lettuce to prevent dark spots, stimulates collagen and promotes skin cell turnover with Vit C & E
  • Cucumber to soothe and reduce puffiness
  • Tomatoe for lycopene which repairs damaged skin, brightens, relieves irritations and reduces excess oil


Made by cold pressing the tiny, mighty seeds of the sprout, it has a pale green yellow color, and yes…it does smell like broccoli or fresh veges!! An interesting but beautiful aroma 👃
which I love, though some might not.


  • light weight, non greasy, fast absorbing
  • mimics silicone so great for silky hair, shine & scalp care
  • high in erucic acid (omega -9 fatty acid) at 49% so very moisturizing
  • vitamin A, C, K & B
  • high in anti-oxidants, vit E


Hair Care

  • add a few drops to conditioner
  • massage a few drops on scalp & leave for 20 min
  • use 5-10% in shampoo bars to prevent frizz & help curls, gives shine & silky feel

Skin Care

  • use it pure on face, neck & buste
  • add to facial anti-age serums
  • use in hand creams, protective balms to nourish dry skin & lips
  • anti-aging or nourishing face or body creams & lotions
  • use on nails & cuticles


  • absorbs deeply into cells
  • protects against uv damage & sunburns
  • reduces redness & inflammation
  • softens skin
  • soothes razer burn & bumps

Overall, a super oil for dryness & to give a dewy look & glow to skin.


Mix with ginger, pepper, or fennel EO for an original aroma, or ylang ylang to lesson the strong vegeness of it. Mix with other carrier oils like fenugrec or nigelle.


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