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Learn how to make your own unique and 100% natural skincare products in my  group skincare workshops. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this exceptional skincare class!! The workshops are hands on and lots of fun!! Come join us in my newly designed pro style lab for a group session together.  Make 3 products in 3 hours,
 I will teach you ways to incorporate different herbs, plants, powders, flowers ( some that are easy to find yourselves) into a product to then make beautiful, luxurious skincare. I can teach you how to make a variety of products including balms, shampoo bars, oil macerates, powdered cleansers and more. Products that are safe, sustainable, and kind to you and the earth.

Various workshops can be designed according to your needs. Please contact me for details if you would like to have a one on one session, a hen party, a business group event, or just a fun afternoon making cosmetics in a fun & easy going atmosphere . Group natural skincare workshops that are open to public are available throughout the year on proposed dates (calender with dates is being worked on).

Learn to make colorful healing balms, herbal macerates, anti aging serums , shampoo bars,  gels, different types of deep cleansing masques, deodorants, solid toothpastes, and more. Beautifully designed information sheets will be given out full of detailed information on different herbs, their properties, and best ingredients to be used for each product along with their manufacturing methods. Videos & powerpoint presentation will be used as fun teaching aids. Lots of explanations about the manufacturing method and all ingredients we use will be shared in the group.  We will be using a variety of dried herbs, beautiful plant oils, butters and waxes, and more. I work with ingredients that you will be able to find easily, so you can reproduce what you learn without difficulty.

All formulas are created by La Formulatrice personally , and have been tested for months in advance to be sure of their safety and stability. All creations are unique and original, the latest hot trends, and quite different from the standard products you can find on the market.

Learn how to formulate high end natural skincare correctly, to make a safe and stable cosmetics following French and European cosmetic regulation laws with La Formulatrices’ luxury group workshops.

By the end of the workshop you will understand how to make the product and use its’ ingredients correctly, and then be able to go home and recreate your own product for each specific product that you made. 

Cost : 

Group workshops : 3 hours or half day 


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