Why ?

You are unique, your skincare should be too!!

Let me offer you some tips on how to make  beautiful, effective, original ingredient choices.

The more creative and different you and your choices are, the more interesting and unique your skincare will be.

  • go local, think sustainability & ecological
  • be creative and think out of the box
  • research your ingredients in detail
  • understand the purpose of your product and choose your botanical accordingly

Go local: Look around, each region of the world will have botanicals that are specific to their territory. Herbs, plants, flowers, fruits that are affordable, local, easy to find, and that people will be thrilled to learn more about use in their daily skincare routines!! You’d be surprised how amazed people would be when they see you using your own garden vegetables in a gorgeously made facial cream or body butter!! No carbon footprint, no huge expense, and there is such pleasure in knowing how to heal and nourish with your very own creations. People will love whatever you make if you tell them you used the daisys, blackberries, or grapes growing nearby in their skincare!!!

Be creative: It’s important to know the latest trends, what’s new in the world of skincare, Korean beauty trends are great to give you inspiration. But it’s also interesting to create products in new forms, in interesting colors and textures. Serums in solid stick forms intead of liquids. Solid shampoo & conditioner bars. Another example, new perfume trends being created for the next years are apparently aromas based on vegetables!! I have this brocolli oil and I totally love the smell. This is an amazing haircair ingredient as well, they call it a natural silicone. How original is that?

Research: Without researching correctly the ingredients you want to use in your skincare, or knowing the results they give that are proven scientifically, it is hard to create a product that will give the results you want. There is so much inacurate information out there, lots of posts written by anyone & everyone who take themselves as experts, though they have no training at all in skincare formulation, skincare chemistry, biology or whatever.. Many will just copy and paste what’s already out there while pretending to be skincare experts. If you want to create a product with specific ingredients for a targeted skin issue, you must have scientific backup about your chosen botanical, along with experimenting to see how it reacts in combination with other ingredients. Know the INCI name of your ingredient, and start with

Pubmed and Google scholar. They are full of scientific articles that can be trusted.

Understand your products purpose: What do you want your product to do? Who is it made for? What type of skin or hair type are you catering to? You must decide and know exactly what you are creating and then choose the appropriate ingredients to follow up on the promise you made to deliver results. If you market a product for dry or oily skin, you absolutely need to know which oil, which botanical extract and in what form will help to give the desired result. Making my dry , shimmering body oils for example, was not as easy as it seems. To get a deeply nourishing product with no greasy after feel, with a luxurious scent and shine was my aim. I tested many different vegetal oils that penetrate quickly, heavier ones with lovely aromas like plum oil, dry ones like rosehip, in different combinations till a light, deeply penetrating yet dry feel was created . Testing your product on different skintypes is also an important facter to make sure the product is what you say it is.

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