Private zoom sessions

Learn to make your own product together with La Formulatrice


After several propositions to teach classes or offer on line courses for those who live in far away places, and are not able to join us in our workshops here in Bordeaux, I have put together a live, online,  one on one, personalized class by video.

This was created due to a lovely lady who was interested in learning how to make some of my products but lived in Bali, Indonesia of all the gorgeous places!!

I thought this is such a great idea, being able to reach interested clients all over the globe, to teach and share my formulating knowledge world wide.

These sessions are private individual classes, and will be on video using zoom. In a 1 hour or 2 hour video call, you have my undivided attention and I will guide you step by step in making your own beautiful skincare.

In this class you will learn and fully understand how to create one or two products of your choice.

I will send you by e-mail all the printable documents in the course for

each product, how to use them, the formula, detailed ingredient information for those used in the products like butters, waxes, herbs, oils, their benefits and properties. You will learn about good manufacturing method and safety regulations, in order to create stable and safe to use skincare.

You will need to have access to the specified ingredients necessary to make your product, and the basic materials to start making your own natural skincare. This is of course an investment, but if you are interested in creating your own cosmetic products, believe me this is well worth it. As opposed to having to buy a product every time you need something, you will develop the skills to create some multi functional products suited to your skin. This is a fascinating hobby and can quite quickly turn into an obsession!! Learning to make your own skincare for you and your family, in a sustainable , eco-friendly, and safe way is incredibly satisfying and a skill you can always further develop and use throughout your life.

I will help you find suppliers that are in your part of the world, so you can find what you need easily. I will teach you how to swap ingredients for those that you have a hard time sourcing.

I will develop and prepare more innovative formulas and courses for you to choose from in the coming months, like shimmering dry body oils, different types of cleansers, syndet soap bars, and more.

These are personalized conference calls where you can ask me anything about formulating.

Please contact me for more details and reservations at :  info@formulatrice.com

Cost: 60€/hr


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