Lip skin is only 3-5 layers deep. There are no sweat glands or oils, making them soft & lovely but less fragile & less protected then other skin. Lips will be more affected by temperature change, humidity & irritants. Under masques, they will dry out quick creating chappped lips.


  • expriment to get perfect ratio of oils, butters & waxes for the best texture
  • to avoid graininess, keep stirring non stop while these are cooling untill you get a trace, or you can form a line in the balm and it holds. Never pour balm into mold untill this stage
  • use 2 waxes, a hard & soft one to get best texture


  • use long lasting, moisturizing balms to lock in moisture and keep heat from drying out lips
  • use balms high in vit E or rosemary anti-oxidants

An ultra nourishing balm is as necessary today as great skincare. Dry heating systems, sweat trapping and rubbing under our masks call for a non sticky, rich and protecive layer of oils and butters to keep lips soft and nourished.


  • Try and get a Ph of 5 to get the most stable and lasting purple color.
  • Use a chelator to help keep Ph stable
  • Use dark jars to prevent light exposure
  • Keep in cool tempuratures
  • Keep away from light
  • Use air tight packaging


  • use oil macerates with rosemary or carrot to get extra nourrishment
  • use some green tea wax to get beautiful geen tint
  • buriti oil will give beautiful orange
  • tint oils red with alkanet root power to get pink balm
  • oils infused with vanilla will give a little flavor and smell
  • use .5% of essential oils for aroma
  • use pots instead of lip tubes for a softer balm you can apply with fingers
  • add more wax or harder butter if balm is too soft
  • use exfoliants like nut shells to get an exfoliating scrub which will remove dead skin layers

Your balm should be creamy and rich without melting on contact, we need to get the protective layer to stick and hold. Oils should not drip off or be too greasy.Let us know what you use to make a great balm!Stay healthy & safe, have a great day !! 


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