Hello formulating friends!!
I hope you have all had wonderful holidays and beautiful moments these last weeks. I would like to share a few tips on how best to care for your skin under these masks.


  • rubbing & chaffing, causing soreness behing ears, skin gets irritated or inflammed, red, micro tears from friction and bacteria seeps in
  • breakouts, pimples, eczyma from sweat, moisture , hot breath trapped, congested pores
  • oil retention for acne prone skin, yeast growth causing mushrooms and bacteria on skin


  • wash skin before & after wearing masks with gentle, non drying cleansers. Gels, creams, or oil to milk ones are great.
  • use toner next to remove any extra dirt or oil. Try & make one with willow bark or salicylic acid extracts, great for oily prone skin
  • treat skin with moisturizer or better, a healing balm to maintenant & repair skin barrier and keep skin nourished.
  • hyaluronic acid (natural version) will deeply hydrate and is antiviral & bacrerial. as well as aloe vera, panthenol, glycerine, allantoin
  • exfoliate with a masque treatment for deep cleanse and to help moisture seep in deeper after masque is applied


  • wear little makeup on face to let skin breathe
  • use lightweight tinted oil if you need some coverage
  • don’t forget to hydrate lips with a balm
  • use masks that are 100% cotton and not synthetic
  • best masks are layered silk for sensitive skin
  • wash masks daily with gentle, fragrance free detergent
  • stay home and let skin breathe

Have fun by focusing on some more dramatic eye makeup and brow looks!!!


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