Toothpaste is made to help prevent oral problems, tooth decay, freshen breath and whiten teeth.


  • fluorid as anti-carie agent and remineralization process enhancer
  • potassium salts, calcium phosphate to help minimize tooth sensitivity
  • tricoslan and zinc citrate to prevent plaque build up
  • silica abrasives to remove stains
  • detergents to help foam and cleanse
  • flavoring agents like saccharin to sweeten
  • humectants like glycerol to protect toothpaste against water loss
  • gums or colloids to give body
  • peroxides to prevent stains

Some of these ingredients if overused can have health risks. I won’t get into the dangers here but will give you safe natural alternatives so you can easily make your own.


  • Baking soda as anti bacterial and for stain removal
  • Guar gum to thicken
  • Coconut oil as antimicrobial and anti fungal to protect teeth from cavaties
  • Green tea or matcha powders
  • Papaya extract
  • Tumeric powder to whiten
  • Clays to help balance acidity and ph of mouth
  • Calcium carbonate to enhance remineralization
  • Citric acid
  • Minty essentiel oils
  • Chocolate or cocoa extract or powder, crushed cocoa knibsfor remineralization and plaque removal
  • Natural sweeteners like stevia or xylitol

You can make either a creamy paste or a solid cube.
Helpful plants are neem, cinammin, ginger, cloves, siwak, mint…..

A possible fluoride replacement is theobromine, a component of cocoa which studies found to be a better alternative as it can enhance remineralization and srengthen enamel, making teeth less vulnerable to bacterial acid erosion which causes cavities.

As dental care is no joke and making a healthy, effective toothpaste is vital to dental care, it’s recommended to use DIY toothpaste in combination with a natural and approved toothpaste brand. I use my solide toothpaste a few times a week to be sure teeth are kept healthy and get required dose of necessary ingredients as well.


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