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My new lab is ready !!


It’s been a hectic time in 2021. A year of great change, new projects, study, kids leaving home for good, and loads of home alone  time developping the Botanical Skincare Institute.

After buying my new home in a very rural area, and some big life changes this last year,  come see what’s going on in the world of La Formulatrice.   Read about how La Formulatrice is growing and developping in the Bordeaux area.

I have finished renovating my lab, which is a beautiful, modern space that is perfect for formulating and holding natural skincare workshops. Online courses, group classes, and custom formulations are all happenning now. I am developping innovative products to add to the onesI already teach, and have more ideas to offer various skincare classes, short and longer ones where you can get a serious dose of natural skincare know how in a weekend, for those who really want to make their own formulations like a pro and have a great base with several basic products that they can later personalize.

Join us for a unique, luxurious experience. These natural cosmetic workshops are led by a profesional formulater, on her way to becoming a certified cosmetic chemist. YES!! This is a year of learning and growing, and intense studies are under way with the Institute of Personal Skincare Science in Australia. By end of the year, if all goes well,  La Formulatrice will be an internationally certified  chemist specializing in cosmetic science and formulation!! I can take my products to an even higher level

I will show you how  to formulate with plants, flowers and fruits, and be able to safely make your own beautiful, highly effective skincare. All using only plant based, high quality botanical ingredients.

Use exceptional, unique ingredients not usually offered in your basic formulating classes.  Jasmine & rose wax, green tea wax, blueberry, cranberry or other effective fruit powders. Ayurvedic herbs like shikakai or amla, broccoli oil, avocado butter, not to mention all the choices of floral waters and essential oils ! How can you not end up with some spectacular skincare ?

These natural skincare workshops are fun and easy going but under professional guidance so you learn to formulate using correct methods to assure you create stable, safe, clean skincare.

For those not in the Bordeaux area or Sud Gironde, check out my online courses where you have everything you need to make certain beautiful products like solid shampoo bars, shimmering body oils, fruit based cleansing powders,  in a quick, easy way with how to videos, supplier lists for your country, beautifully designed files, unique formulas,  and more.

Check out details of the new lab here

watch a video of my class here:

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