New lab is open

Natural Skincare Workshops   My new lab is ready !!   It’s been a hectic time in 2021. A year of great change, new projects,

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"butterfly pea glycerite"

Glorious Glycerites

Make your own herbal  glycerites ! Since homemade herbal glycerites are a fantastic way to add some oomph, color, or botanical power to your skincare

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How to make aromatic macerates

Hello formulating friends!! Today I want to talk abit about making beautiful smelling, aromatic macerates.WHAT IS MACERATE? Macerated or infused oils are carrier oils that

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Formulating with Broccoli

  Vegetables in skincare are nothing new….. but it is becoming a huge new trend! Using superfoods in skincare have huge benefits, just as they

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Matcha Tea Solid Toothpaste

  Toothpaste is made to help prevent oral problems, tooth decay, freshen breath and whiten teeth. IMPORTANT ACTIVES FOUND IN APPROVED BRANDS fluorid as anti-carie

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