Have you ever heard of a pressed serum ?? Well, these little babes  are a  very hot trend which started in Korea. I’d guess most people have never even heard of them yet!

I must say I love to create new  & original types of skincare products. Ones that are multi functional, highly effective, and filled with powerful botanicals that are both safe as well as sustainable.  A bonus if it is easy to travel with or carry around with you as it is not in liquid but solid  stick form.

So, this type of serum ticks all those boxes.

A serum can be known under many names, so it can be confusing to understand this type of product and what it is exactly.

It can be known as an elixir, a facial oil , be water or oil based, and come in gel, oil, or cream  emulsion forms. It is basically a cut above your regular facial products; more luxurious and expensive. That is because it is a high preformance product with lots of powerful extracts and actives, so it is very effective. Much more then a regular cream or facial oil made to simple hydrate or moisturize. It is your moisturizer & facial serum combined into one, so your skin care routine is cut in half.

So a pressed serum is one that is made up of waxes, butters & oils, in solid form, pressed into a pot like a balm or made even more solid and in stick form.  The difference between this product and a balm would simply be that the pressed serum has much more potent & higher end ingredients & actives.

Of course these pressed serms can be made in other forms then oil only , with water based extracts in an emulsion or in a lovely light gel. The key is the ingredient composition. Focus your formulation on anti aging, dry skin, oily skin, or whatever specific target client you have.

Some examples are :

  • exotic butters like Kombo, Sal, tacuma
  • exotic floral waxes or original ones like green tea or orange peel
  • costly oils like açai, blueberry, kukai, chia, pomegranate
  • more Co2 extracts
  • essential oil blends or absolutes and special fragrance blends

I have made a product here for a customer who has quite damaged ( from sun)  and very sensitive skin. She is a big traveller so I decided to make this stick pressed serum , full of healing plants and extracts, and some lovely macerated oils and exotic green tea wax. It turned out wonderfully, and she absolutely loved it and I am proud to say it helped her skin tremendously.

Have any of you made some of these super serums before? I’d love to hear about them.

Need help with formulating one? Feel free to contact me as I offer private consultations and I’d be happy to help you put together your own special blend!!








2 thoughts on “Precious Pressed Serums”

  1. Hello
    Has anyone heard of herbs glycerite and how to use it in skincare products formulations? I will truly appreciate it if I can get help on how to use it in my formulations

    1. Hi,
      I wrote a blog Glorious Glycerites you can find it here on my site, please have a look and it should help you. You can use them in the water phase of your products.
      La Formulatrice

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